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School Uniform


  • In Nursery there is no formal school uniform although the children‘s clothing is an essential part of their learning journey. It must be comfortable, safe, practical and easy for the children to manage independently. Below is a checklist of the clothing your children will need:
  • Elasticated soft joggers, leggings or play trousers are ideal
  • T-shirts or polo shirts
  • School jumpers or cardigans (school colour of royal blue)
  • Sturdy footwear – strong shoes/ boots for the winter and sandals for the summer must be worn with socks to protect toes.
  • A warm coat and a lighter shower proof coat. 
  • A pair of wellington boots to leave in nursery


Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2

High Cross pupils wear their uniform with pride, it gives them a great sense of belonging. Uniforms can be purchased from Beam, Cambrian Road, Newport.

  • Pleaser CLICK HERE to take you to Beam uniform shop website.

White polo shirt, grey / black trousers, blue school sweatshirt, grey;  black socks, sensible black shoes and/or plain black trainers for outside. Grey / black shorts for summer wear.


White polo shirt, grey skirt or pinafore, grey/ black trousers, blue school sweatshirt or cardigan, white or grey socks, sensible black shoes and/or plain black trainers for outside. Blue and White checked dress for Summer wear.

Educational Gymnastics (P.E.)/Games

Boys and girls:
Blue shorts and blue / white polo shirt.

Jewellery: Parents are advised that jewellery be limited to watches and stud earrings (where necessary).  No form of earring is to be worn for P.E. or Games as they are a proven safety hazard.