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COVID-19 Information

Latest update letter to parents and carers 3.6.20 - Click Here

The childcare facility at school is only for children of parents/ carers who are critical to the Covid-19 response and who meet the criteria set out by Newport City Council. The provision should only be requested as a last resort where children cannot remain at home. If a child can stay at home, they should do, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. 


Newport City Council prioritised key workers further information - Click Here


Cluster Emergency Childcare for Key Workers Letter - Click Here


Wellbeing tips for families during COVID-19 - Click Here


Cluster Emergency Childcare for the Easter Break - Click Here


Letter to Parents and Carers update from Miss Rutledge 17.4.20 - Click Here


Emergency Childcare Evenings and Weekends 10.4.20 - Click Here


School Meals Provision 

This is now in the form of e-vouchers rather than the original school meal hub and hampers put in place. You should have been contacted via email regarding this. If you are entitled to these and have not received an email, contact Newport City Council or the School.