Ambition, Curiosity, Respect

Vision, Aims and Values

Strategic Vision

The core values of High Cross Primary School are ‘Ambition, Curiosity, Respect.’

The Four Purposes of Curriculum for Wales drive all that we do. 

The Four Purposes lead our High Cross Values. 

Our Values shape our Vision.

We create an engaging, exciting and authentic curriculum that is ambitious, inspires curiosity and stimulates. Respect is at the heart of our school community. Pupils gain a strong sense of well-being and the confidence to persevere and achieve.  We pride ourselves in providing a challenging and rewarding education, which enables every pupil to succeed. The Four Purposes lead our values and our values shapes our vision. 

  • Developing our shared vision and focusing on learners’ cognitive and social-emotional outcomes.
  • Creating and supporting continuous learning opportunities for all staff that is focused on the learners’ learning and school goals.
  • Promoting team learning and collaboration among all staff, and learning how to work best together as a team.
  • Establish a culture of enquiry, innovation and exploration, with staff engaging in forms of enquiry to investigate and extend their practice.
  • Modelling and growing learning leadership with a strong focus on an integrated approach to responding to learners learning and other needs.
  • Learning with and from the external environment and wider learning system by collaborating, learning and exchanging knowledge with peers in other schools and networks. 
  • Embedding systems for collecting and exchanging knowledge for learning, with systems in place to examine progress impact.


A Children’s Rights Led Behaviour Policy 

We have aligned our school rules, responsibilities and consequences with the Rights of the Child.

Through lessons, workshops and assemblies, our children are growing in their understanding of their rights and responsibilities. 

As their understanding of rights, purposes and our High Cross values develops, they increasingly live and embody the school’s vision. 


UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - CLICK HERE