Ambition, Curiosity, Respect

School Improvement Group & Ambassadors

 Every September each child has the opportunity to stand for election as their class representative on the S.I.G committee. This is a group which meets weekly to discuss matters of importance to the children and work to put in place plans and systems to improve the school environment for everyone.

Every child in years 3-6 writes a S.I.G manifesto and then those children wishing to stand for election begin a week of campaigning to raise votes. Elections are then held to vote in a girl and boy representative for each class year 3 to year 6.

There are S.I.G. representatives for all classes from Reception to Year 6.


Welcome to the S.I.G for 2019-2020. We would like to share with you some of the amazing work this group are undertaking to improve our school.


We are High Cross Primary, School Improvement Group. Our role is to help improve the school.

We do this by listening to what people want to change or improve in our school. We also look at worldwide actions we can support as well. For instance in school we encourage people to pick up their litter and be eco-friendly.

Last year our worldwide support focus was “Save the Oceans from plastics”. Everyone did a plastic pledge, to say what they could do to reduce the amount of plastic they use.

This year our School Improvement Group are organising a day where our school community can come dressed in green and brown and donate £1. Every £1 donation will help plant one tree.