'Together we grow and shine'

School Improvement Group & Ambassadors

 S.I.G (the School Improvement Group) have had a busy and productive first term in office. They have completed an environmental review to assess the priorities for the school in moving the Eco-Schools initiative forward. Their target for the year is to support the Eco-Schools initiative and help the school maintain it’s Eco-Schools Platinum Flag status. In light of COP 26 earlier this year they have designed a rather fabulous project centered around supporting the Climate Change Crisis. ‘Friday’s for Future.’ 

Friday’s for Future aims to encourage children to make positive changes in their lunch boxes on a Friday to support Climate Change. It is our goal to reduce the amount of single use plastic in lunch boxes every Friday with the hope that we may even achieve plastic free Fridays! Over the next five weeks the committee will collect data to show how much single use plastic is currently in lunchboxes every Friday. Following this data collection period they will launch their campaign to encourage children to bring a plastic free lunch on a Friday. They will repeat the data collection exercise to see how much single use plastic is being saved.

We welcome families supporting this project at home and even looking for ways to reduce plastic use for the whole family. Together we can make a difference!!