Ambition, Curiosity, Respect


Headteacher - Mrs R Glasbrook

Deputy Headteacher - Miss S Dunn


Foundation Phase 

Nursery - Mrs S Cairns, Mrs H Newman and Mrs R Ahmad

Reception - Mrs C Hoosein, Mrs Elstons and Miss B Hobbs

Year 1 - Miss N Kalahar and Mrs E Lee

Year 2 - Miss R Morris and Mrs D Williams

PPA - Mrs S Richardson and Mrs M Williams


Key Stage 2

Year 3 - Mrs H Rees and Mrs Z Stubbs 

Year 4 - Mrs M Williams, Ms H Deacy and Mrs C Jones

Year 5 - Mrs R Powell and Mrs S Mayor

Year 6SS - Ms S Stockham and Mrs Z Stubbs.

Year 6SD - Miss S Dunn and Mrs G Salathiel

PPA - Ms H Deacy, Mrs C Newell and Mrs S Richardson


ELSA and Intervention Support - Mrs G Salathiel and Mrs C Jones

Secretary Administration  -  Mrs K Boardman, Mrs A Wilbraham & Mrs L Howell

Caretaker - Mr R Levi

Canteen Staff - Mrs A Carroll (Cook)